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Even the toughest industrial cleanup projects are no match for PowerWashing Plus. We have a perfect record of industrial cleaning!

PowerWashing Plus Joplin MO


Large spaces, tall places-inside and out.

The importance of industrial pressure washing in the maintenance of mechanical efficiency around any plant cannot be understated. Without frequent and proper maintenance, the removal of dirt, grime, and rust, from facilities will cost more money in the long run, considering how expensive service repairs can get.

PowerWashing Plus has worked with many contractors, and we always look for right solution to complex industrial cleaning projects. Our knowledge of many different surfaces combined with our ability to remain environmentally compliant has made us a valuable source

We have our own water recovery units that are custom tailored to our industry, which allow up to properly wash parking garages, gas stations, oil spills, new construction sites, dumpster pads, loading docks, and any other job where water wastewater recovery is needed. 


We can solve your industrial power washing needs!

We are always available to handle any job at any time, irrespective of difficulty level. Whether it is:


Garage doors
Warehouse floors
Heavy Machinery

Construction Sites

Concrete Pads

Outdoor Equipment

Industrial Interior/Exterior

You can expect our team of trained professionals to bring the expertise that PowerWashing Plus is known for.

Depend on our industrial power washing services to remove contaminants like grime and dirt build-up, atmospheric pollution, graffiti, and oil spills from your facility.

Our industrial cleaning services are provided using bio-gradable soaps and detergents with hot water and low pressure cleaning equipment for 95% of our exterior industrial cleaning services.

Does your industrial property need professionally cleaned?

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