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5 Ways Power Washing Your Home Increases Property Value

5 Ways Power Washing Your Home Increases Property Value

Maintaining curb appeal is a concern for just about every homeowner. They are often looking for home improvements that add value to their property. However, there's more to property value than planting

trees, painting the fence, and weeding the flower beds. Homes that stand out from the crowd have clean exterior surfaces from the roof down, stain-free driveways, sidewalks, porches, and decks. The cleanliness level of a building's exterior also often reflects how indoor areas are maintained. Just like how the interior spaces go through a spring cleaning, so should your exterior spaces! Powerwashing is an easy way to raise property value, even if you're not looking to sell. It would be best to consider power washing essential maintenance that needs a regular schedule. Not only can it help protect your home, but it can also help to raise the overall value of your property. Some homeowners ask - does power washing your home increase the value? Yes, it does! Here are five ways power washing your home increases property value.

What is Power Washing?

Before we get into that, let's discuss a commonly asked question - What is power washing? Powerwashing is a specialized method for cleaning outdoor surfaces using low to high pressure and varying water temperatures, detergents, enzymes, and chemicals. Powerwashing can safely remove stains from delicate surfaces and blast away layers of grime from hard surfaces. High heat levels or steam can remove stubborn, stuck-on debris and stains to provide superior cleanliness while safeguarding against surface damage to the materials. Powerwashing is suited for cleaning a variety of surfaces, such as:

  • Pathways and Sidewalks

  • Driveways, Parking Lots, Drive-Thrus

  • Garage Floors

  • Wooden Fences, Decks, and Outdoor Patios

  • Exterior Wall Materials (Brick, Siding, Ect.)

  • Roof Shingles and Gutters

1. Protects Homes and Buildings From Dirt and Other Surface Contaminants

The first step to help improve your home's curb appeal is removing dirt, grime, and algae stains! These things accumulate over time, so sometimes, the house's exterior becomes dirty without notice. Dirt and other debris can easily find their way to adhere to any outdoor siding material, from wood to concrete and vinyl to metal. It can eventually become baked into the surface or work under the soffits and fascia if left too long. (If this happens, we have a product that can remove it, but it requires scrubbing, which costs more than basic house wash.) The ability of a power washer goes beyond removing grime and stains from siding; it can also clean up fences, sidewalks, and driveways! Having a clean (and safe) building and surroundings can significantly improve the value of a property.

2. Increases the Lifespan of Building Materials

One of the best benefits of powerwashing is protecting one of your most valuable assets. Grime holds water, which leads to mold and damage from freeze/thaw cycles. Dirt and grime-covered materials generally deteriorate at a faster rate. The growth of mildew, chalkiness or oxidation, and even spiderwebs are signs that exterior materials are under duress. Furthermore, it's hard to notice the extent of any potential damage if dirt and grime are covering it. So by removing layers of dirt and bacteria, you can protect the integrity of your building. Keeping up on necessary property repairs and preventing them is crucial to property value.

Mold and other contaminants eat away at the surfaces, including roofs, a specialized residential cleaning service we offer. Cleaning roofs properly can extend the roof's life and prevent you from needing to replace it sooner.

3. Removes and Prevents Black Mold on the roof

It's often thought that black mold is simply the natural granule loss of roof shingles. Therefore, homeowners prematurely and unnecessarily replace their roofs. Modern shingles have limestone as a filler in the composition of the shingle. Algae, lichen and moss use limestone as a food source and quickly attack your roof. The thickness of these contaminants will go through freeze and thaw cycles, pulling the granules away from the shingles. Once enough roof granules become dislodged from the shingle surface, roof replacement becomes necessary. It is crucial to treat and rinse away black mold quickly when it appears before significant damage occurs. Removing mold will preserve and restore the original color and reduce the likelihood of needing replacement early.

The frequency of how often roofs and gutters needs proper cleaning depends on how often debris buildup happens, among other factors. Loose debris must be removed from roofs at least once a year to prevent the buildup of wet leaves, twigs, and other debris that provide substances for mold to grow. Professionally treating black mold on your shingles should be taken care of when first detected to prevent it from spreading and damaging your roof. This process involves softwashing techniques, specialized chemicals, and detergents, not powerwashing. Keep in mind that it is best to leave roof cleaning to professionals! In addition to a roof's safety hazards, improper pressure or treatments can easily tear off shingles or cause staining, streaking, or other damage without proper handling. We train our powerwashing and softwashing experts extensively to remove dirt, grime, and mold from roofs without damaging the shingles or surrounding property.

4. Removes and Prevents Siding Mold and Stains

The mold and mildew accumulation on siding generally results from moisture building up on the surface and not having enough time to dry. Within 48 hours of getting wet, it can start to grow mold, mildew, and fungus. Powerwashing and softwashing is perfect for treating and safely removing the mold to keep it from accumulating, causing damage or health issues, and reducing curb appeal. Multiple types of mold, fungus, and lichen will not only eventually damage your siding and other surfaces but also may cause health issues if not removed. So, in addition to improving appearances, powerwashing helps curb appeal by making the property healthier and safer and maintaining value.

5. Removes and Prevents Mold from Growing on Ground Surfaces

Neglecting to clean garage floors, sidewalks, and the driveway can lead to dangerous situations because wet concrete with black mold is a slip-and-fall hazard. It also causes you to track mold spores into your home, which get onto your floors, and other surfaces and can cause health issues. Concrete is a favorite mold breeding ground due to its textured and porous surface. Remember that mold won't die off on its own and can quickly return if not properly handled, which is where proper powerwashing comes in. This cleaning method is a safe and effective way to destroy all mold colonies thoroughly. Regardless of location, it is essential never to ignore mold since it is a surface and health hazard.

Who Does Powerwashing in My Area?

Powerwashing is a service that gives excellent returns for your investment, especially if done consistently. There are even more benefits of power washing than these five listed here! If you have questions about how powerwashing can benefit you, reach out to us at Powerwashing Plus! Our power washing experts can help clean your exteriors and surrounding property without damaging surfaces. In addition, we can offer advice on how to keep it clean to ensure your property looks its best. Over 20 years of professional experience, continued education, and professional equipment make contacting Powerwashing Plus a wise investment.


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