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DIY or Hiring Professionals: Which is More Cost-Effective?

The main reason behind any DIY project is to save money by doing it yourself rather than hiring a professional. Depending on the project, however, some are better left to the professionals - let's determine if pressure washing is one of them.

Pressure washing has many benefits, from removing health hazards to improving curb appeal, pressure washing has many benefits. Hiring a professional pressure washing company can help you acquire all these benefits without the hassle and stress. Regardless, some would prefer DIY pressure washing to save money. Here are several points to consider before deciding which route to take.

Advantages of DIY

  • Affordable and Accessible: Standard pressure washers can easily be found at your local home improvement store. Furthermore, the rental cost is quite reasonable.

  • Complete Authority: The task is only finished when you say it's finished. It's entirely up to your discretion on how to clean the surfaces, which gives you control over the outcome. Powerwashing on your own can also be dangerous if you don't have experience with pressure washers, as improper cleaning methods can create damage.

Disadvantages of DIY

  • Time-Consuming: Pressure washing professionals make a job look easy as they use their experience to clean efficiently. From researching the right machine and cleaning products to preparing surfaces and surroundings, pressure washing can become a strenuous task. Depending on the scope of the project and any complications, cleaning can take several hours to several days.

  • Higher Risk of Damaging Surfaces: Pressure washing is suitable for cleaning various surface materials. However, each type of material requires a specific way of cleaning. Improper pressure or chemicals can lead to costly damages, taking the fun out of blasting away dirt and grime. Common damages that happen pretty often include

    • Holes in the siding

    • Torn shingles

    • Stripped paint

    • Water penetration within the walls, flooring, or attic

    • Development of mold or mildew

    • Unwanted etching of concrete or brick

    • Furring of wood

    • Removal of clear coat and color from vinyl siding, fencing, composite decking, and fencing surface, making it more susceptible to mold and mildew

  • Hidden Costs: When comparing the cost of professional pressure washing and DIY, there are more expenses than you might think. Beyond the cost of renting the machine, there's also the cost of:

  • soap/cleansers

  • water used

  • Time spent: Researching rental equipment, cleaning chemicals, and proper cleaning techniques, the rental process, gathering supplies, pre-soaking mold/mildew stains, clearing the surroundings, the process of cleaning, returning equipment, fixing any damages, and more

  • Higher Risk of Dangerous Situations: On top of being a time-consuming process, pressure washing can create dangerous situations for the inexperienced. Every home has several hard-to-reach areas where a standard pressure washer rental isn't enough to get the job done. The typical answer to reach higher places is to grab a ladder. Ladders and high-pressure water are dangerous, as you are liable for damages or injuries. The pressure from the washer can create enough recoil to push you off the ladder, potentially causing severe injuries. Even so, this is the one action DIY homeowners should never do with a pressure washer.

This kind of equipment needs to be handled with care and should never be aimed at someone. Nor should anyone ever use it to rinse off their hands as it can create serious personal injuries. Furthermore, the high pressure from the washer can cause injuries to others, so always be on the lookout for kids, animals, or neighbors.

Sounds Dangerous and Complicated? Hire the Professionals!

  • We Operate with Industry-Standard Professional Equipment:

As our business revolves around equipment, we are constantly investing in ensuring our equipment meets industry standards. There are always chances that rented equipment isn't properly maintained, which will reduce its efficiency and create safety issues. Furthermore, standard rental pressure washers are inadequate for hard-to-reach areas or stubborn debris. Professional pressure washers run at least double the gallons per minute of store-bought or rented machines, have hot water, and can carry large amounts of water to job sites, plus power and capabilities for tackling every challenge such as mold, mildew, algae, lichen, grease, smoke damage, mineral deposits, stains, and graffiti. In addition, professionals have the knowledge and experience in properly and safely handling powerful equipment.

  • We Have Years of Experience with Operating Equipment and Using Chemicals: This experience helps us determine the best cleaning solutions for your home. With numerous conditions of outdoor materials, professionals know how to clean with the correct:

    • Amount of pressure

    • Length of time

    • Temperature

    • Chemical solutions

Professional pressure washers know how to accurately judge how to use these individual factors for every situation. Knowing your home is in the reliable hands of professionals who handle the job correctly and safely can put your mind at ease.

  • We Have Trained, Licensed, And Insured Professionals: A reliable and reputable pressure washing company will be fully insured to protect themselves, their employees, and homeowners in case of an incident. The best way to protect your home is to take full advantage of our expertise!

  • We Have the Ability and Knowledge to Adapt to Unusual Challenges: We know from experience that each building has its unique challenges. Issues that appear before or during cleaning can make standard techniques ineffective. As professionals, we can diagnose the problem and adjust accordingly.

  • We Will Save You Time and Money In Addition to Minimizing Potential Hazards:

Overall, hiring a professional power washing company saves homeowners money in many ways. The first way is through time saved from doing it yourself. Professionals will already have the equipment and technology needed to clean your entire home thoroughly. What's more, due to their experience, professionals can adequately clean surfaces easily within a matter of hours. So consult with a professional if you are trying to improve curb appeal before selling or hosting an event! Rather than stressing about not achieving your desired results in time, please leave it to us!

Another way professional pressure washing saves homeowners money is by results that last and prevent damage or injuries. We can prevent dirt and grime from re-accumulating, which will help avoid the need to rent the pressure washer again compared to the standard rental equipment. Similarly, professionals can complete the job with satisfactory results. However, good results can be hard for inexperienced users without knowing how to work effectively for their home's challenges.

All of this is achieved while reducing the chances of damage or injuries. While anyone attempting DIY pressure washing will risk the chance of paying for repair fees. Even if accidents happen, insured professionals will ensure you are covered.

If you wish to achieve the best cost-effective outcome while protecting your property, enlist the help of professional pressure washers.

The Next Step: Finding the Professional Pressure Washing Company Fit for the Task. Homeowners Will Want to Look For….

  • A Specialized Company In Pressure Washing: Rather than a company that provides many services, search for a pressure washing company. As there are many aspects of pressure washing, professionals who specialize in this service will have much more knowledge and experience. This experience will be their proof to prove they have the skills to back up their promises.

  • Experienced, Quality Work Rather Than Pressure Washing Costs: Abnormally cheap rates are typically a direct result of subpar work or inexperience. In this industry, reputation is everything. Research their credibility through reviews when finding a company that provides quality work for a fair price.

  • Solid Reviews: To discover the quality work a pressure washing company provides, check their reviews and portfolio. Any reputable company will take great pride in their work and wish to share it with their customers. Furthermore, portfolios with more work display a higher percentage of customers who have already trusted the company with their project.

Credibility and Insurance: Insurance is an essential tool for credible businesses because insurance helps give potential customers the confidence to entrust their homes to the company. Insurance not only protects the professionals, but it also protects the homeowner. Workers compensation insurance and general liability protects not only your property, but the homeowner in case of an accident. Homeowners should beware of employing any companies that aren't insured.

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